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  • Cloud NEXUM

    A scaleable, flexible, security and adaptable approach to helping you optimise your credit and collections function

    This video explains Cloud NEXUM

  • The Perfect Project

    This presentation focuses on larger projects where an organisation requires NEXUM to be embedded within their internal infrastructure. Having implemented NEXUM within large corporate organisations we have built up a well defined approach and methodology to these projects, but there are rules of engagement for both sides.

    The most amazing attribute that we have is diversity. Each NEXUM client has it's own DNA or makeup/composition fuelled by their requirements. BUT success is often down to the project and the way it is managed and implemented. There maybe no such project as the perfect one, BUT in our minds we understand what is required to deliver a project which is as close to perfection as possible. Interestingly success or failure comes down to core human characteristics and traits.

    This video explains some of the key elements required for the perfect project

  • NEXUM DNA Software

    This presentation is aimed at credit managers, financial controllers, finance directors, CFO's, and revenue managers, looking for software to manage their invoice to cash cycle without the need for internal IT services or resources.

    NEXUM DNA offers your business powerful invoice to cash software and will dramatically reduce the administration associated with managing customer accounts. NEXUM DNA is available as either a fully hosted solution or can be installed within your local network.

    This presentation explains some of the key features, from customer contact, negotiating payments, recording invoice disputes and managing activities.

    NEXUM DNA also gives you electronic access to external law firms, accounts receivable and collection agencies.

  • NEXUM Enterprise Software

    This presentation is aimed at credit managers, financial controllers, finance directors, CFO's, and revenue managers.

    NEXUM is the UK's leading Credit & Collections Management software. Designed to optimise your order to cash business process. NEXUM reduces the amount of time and cost associated in managing accounts receivables.

    NEXUM consolidates information from multiple data sources and integrates with your existing systems. Customer Service, Credit Controllers, Credit Managers and Legal teams have access to rich functionality enabling them to manage invoice disputes, negotiate payments, identify potential risk and bad debt, monitor DSO, produce accurate cash flow forecasts and initiate legal proceedings.

  • NEXUM for Law firms & DCA's

    This presentation is geared towards debt recovery agencies, law firms, debt purchasers and outsourcing companies.

    Many of the UK's leading law firms, debt recovery agencies and debt purchasers use NEXUM to manage accounts on behalf of their clients, from the earliest stages of recovery through to legal action and enforcement.

    In addition to tools such as electronic data import of client instructions, customisable charging and billing structures, voice recording, SRA, OFT and CCA 2006 compliance, NEXUM also provides you with multiple payment method processing, debtor online access and client remote access.

    You can also offer NEXUM to your clients; they can manage early stage credit control and recovery using your own 'company branded' version of NEXUM, via the WEB with no installation required.

  • Wise Tips from Mr Money - Wise Use of Credit Developing Financial Responsibility

    Released in 1960 this video explores the process of getting credit and the journey involved.

    In over half a century we have not learned that much, in fact we have probably gathered a number of bad practices that would definitely shock Mr Money. The video was originally a 'government' generated infomercial and makes absolutely sound sense - but where did it all go wrong.

    Clearly culture has changed and many customers will need constant help with their account in order to ensure that they develop financial responsibility. NEXUM helps you manage customers in the most effective manner possible and ensures that they meet their financial obligations.

  • The Quest For Credit - A tale of temptation and of lessons learned.

    This presentation is a light hearted view of the journey from aspiration to credit, through debt and out of the other end as seen by our hero.

    This video was provided by our good friends at Mint. Obviously not all customers are like our hero and will need frequent, regular management in order to help them with their quest, to see they end the journey and reduce their credit mountain. NEXUM helps you manage the Quest and ensures that every outcome is a success.